The security of your family and your valuables is of paramount importance. At SécurPlus, we are acutely aware of this. We know how traumatizing it is to be victim of a break-in. In order to minimize the risks of such an ordeal, we bring you an array of products that will provide you absolute peace of mind.

We Test For You!

At SécurPlus, we test hundreds of products a year and only sell the best ones available on the market. We travel the world to find the finest products. As an example, we can secure your home – or a place of business – that is already built without invasive damage thanks to wireless and extremely reliable products. Our selection of products includes elegant devices that will blend discreetly into your décor (yes, we know you care about this).

Home Invasion, Yes, But More than That!

Detection systems today are in fact more than just that. A modern system not only detects invasion by movement in a house but also window breaking, the presence of carbon monoxide in the air (a toxic gas that can be fatal), the presence of smoke or fire, and even flood damages. We will put in place a solution that meets your requests and that will provide you with the highest level of security.

Monitoring 24/7

Our 24 hour monitoring center is another reason to do business with us. No need to worry about anything! Should something happen to your home while you are away, we would quickly dispatch to appropriate emergency response to the site.

Alarm Signal

Today, more and more families are discarding their residential phone lines in favor of cell phones. Did you know that it is now possible to send an alarm signal through wireless channels? For clients using IP phone lines offered by some internet service providers, we are also able to transmit an alarm signal through the internet.

We provide top quality products. Moreover, we provide impeccable service. Before making a sale, we listen carefully and match your needs to your budget. Our installation services are very professional. And never will you find yourself out on a limb: you will always be able to rely on our after-sale service. This is our strong point. Call us for a free visit.

  • Burglar and intruder alarms;
  • Glassbreak detection (windows);
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detection;
  • Smoke detection;
  • Fire alarm;
  • Flood detection;
  • Regular line, mobile or internet alarm signals;
  • Wired or wireless technologies depending on your needs;
  • Outdoor or indoor sirens;
  • 24h remote monitoring at our ULC certified central;
  • Elegant keypads or wireless keys to activate or deactivate systems;
  • Residential or industrial: we have a perfect solution to all of your needs.